Week 3: Campus-Based Educational Development: Directions

Re: Week 3: Campus-Based Educational Development: Directions

by Nancy Randall -
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Hello Nick-

Thanks for your questions. We are in the final stages of the study, which is quite comprehensive as we've asked questions about a wide range of educational devleopment structures and practices. We are now working through a review of all sections as well as final editing and proof-reading. We plan to have the graphics incorporated in the final study by mid-summer. Sylvia Currie has offered to post the campus-based educational study through the BCcampus website.

Several draft excerpts are available now and are posed in the SCopE background reading section:


The first excerpt synthesizes the values of educational development as made evident through the institutional abstracts.  The seond and third excerpts provide a conceptual framework for dimensions of educational development which we created as part of a meta-analysis of the study findings. One of the dimensions considered is models of educational development. Hope this is helpful. 


Nancy Randall