Week 1: Educational Development Models and Dimensions

Week 1: Educational Development Models and Dimensions

by Sylvia Currie -
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We're heading into week 2 of our Educational Development series so I thought I should post a quick recap on what happened last week. Links to session recordings and any background readings are are updated in the forum description.

I jotted down the responses to Nancy's kick-off question:

What does educational development mean to you?

  • Faculty engaging in in reflective practice with a view to improving student learning.
  • Sharing: wisdom, resources, research
  • Support and guidance for faculty
  • Learning opportunities that enhance the student experience (faculty do learning).
  • Incremental change to teaching practice based on learning theory

Here are the slides:

Thanks to everyone who participated, and special thanks to Heather Kincaid, our co-op student from Simon Fraser University, for moderating!