Welcome to Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning (again!)

Welcome to Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning (again!)

by Sylvia Currie -
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Welcome to Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning! (Again!)

About this seminar

We scheduled this seminar last year around this time, but unfortunately Neil Smith, our facilitator, was unable to join us and we had to cancel at the last minute. However, several SCoPE members had been waiting in anticipation and were still eager to discuss this topic, so we carried on anyway!  And now we're back, one year later, to pick up where we left off.

The focus of this 3-week Art of Teaching seminar is Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning. Each of the 3 weeks will be launched with a selection of vignettes from the Art of Teaching: Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning video series. This series was funded by BCcampus and supported by Innovation and Excellence in Learning at Vancouver Island University, and presents a provocative representation of different forms of classroom inquiry learning, supported by teacher and student interviews.

The videos are being used across the province of British Columbia to anchor rich discussions in faculty workshops and we encourage you to do the same. All videos are available online for you to view at any time, and are accompanied by chapter summaries in PDF format. 

About our facilitator

Neil Smith claims to be retired from Vancouver Island University but from what I have witnessed he is busier than ever! Neil was a Teaching Scholar with the university's Innovation and Excellence in Learning Centre and a member of the Faculty of Education. He is currently president of Pacific Leadership Design based in British Columbia, Canada.

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Sylvia Currie, scurrie@bccampus.ca skype:webbedfeat +1 250-318-2907

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Re: Welcome to Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning (again!)

by neil SMITH -


Hi everyone 

I am very much looking forward to working with Sylvia on our Inquiry Learning seminar. We will begin our first conference tomorrow and anticipate a wide open, compelling exporation of the nature of Inquiry and its various manifestations in formal and informal learning environments.  

For tomorrow's first conference, it may be helpful for participants to take time to review the introduction of the Inquiry video (link provided in Sylvia's welcome posting of this morning) as well as the first video vignette in the series. This may give us a common foundation from which to begin the seminar.

Also of interest is the very rich conversation initiated last spring by SCOPE participants. This you will find in the links below; most of them dated in March 2011. 

See you Tuesday!   Regards, Neil 

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Re: Welcome to Engaging Students in Inquiry Learning (again!)

by Don Beadle -

Hi all.

I will not likely be able to attend "live" (that pesky work thing) this aft, but will catch up later