Cases in Online Interview Research: Feb 20 - Mar 3, 2012

Please introduce yourself!

Re: Please introduce yourself!

by Irwin DeVries -
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Hi Janet -  I'm Irwin DeVries, Director of Instructional Design at Thompson Rivers University, Open Learning Division. Like a number of others here I'm a PhD candidate and studying open course development and design. This is of particular interest to me as I will be gathering data from a busy and complex Wiki as well as conducting such processes as interviews and focus groups with participants worldwide. Looking forward to this discussion - Irwin

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Re: Please introduce yourself!

by Janet Salmons -

Hello and welcome to everyone who has posted and all who are reading the forum and trying to find the time to post! I look forward to hearing more about your research. Use the "Part 1: Framework" thread to start sharing your ideas, questions and dilemmas. I also created a thread where you can post links to y our own sites, articles, or other relevant resources.

I hope you'll be able to log on for the initial webinar (whether in real time or to the recording). It will be 2/21/12 at 12 PST-- log in at: We'll discuss planning and design issues using the E-Interview Research Framework. 

Thanks to Wendy, Anne and Nellie for joining in-- I know other contributors will be participating throughout the event. They will share their ideas and experiences with interview research conducted using a variety of tools.

See you online tomorrow!