February 7 Web Conference: eBook Authoring Strategies and Platforms with Scott Leslie

Recording - eBook Authoring Strategies and Platforms with Scott Leslie

by Sylvia Currie -
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We had a good turnout for yesterday's session on eBook Authoring Strategies and Platforms. BIG thanks to Scott for such a well-organized tour through this topic. We learned that it can become quite complex depending on your goals for your writing project!

Also thanks to Randy LaBonte for moderating, and for helping to connect SCoPE and eCampusAlberta Online Professional Learning Community discussions.



Session Description:

Ever since the start of the digital age the promise of “write once, read many places” has loomed large, and yet it has not been until recently, with both the advent of eReaders & tablets as well as modernized & simplified authoring platforms has this promise been so easy to become a reality.