Welcome to our seminar: Writing an e-book about e-books for fun and no profit

Welcome to our seminar: Writing an e-book about e-books for fun and no profit

by Sylvia Currie -
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Welcome to the next topic in our seminar series for 2012: Writing an e-book about e-books for fun and no profit. This event is organized in partnership with eCampus Alberta Professional Learning.

Seminar description

This seminar is all about sharing our experiences in writing e-books and e-publications, and, as the title suggests, turning it into an e-book. Sound like an adventure? You bet!

We will combine this 2-week asynchronous discussion with a 1-hour web conference on e-book authoring strategies and platforms, Tuesday, February 7 (see your time zone)... and with anything else that comes up! 

About our facilitators, presenters, and other people who are making this possible

Richard Schwier is Professor, Educational Technology and Design at University of Saskatchewan. Many of us are familiar with, and grateful for, Richard's research on communities of practice, and will also remember the excellent seminar he facilitated awhile back: Building a Virtual Museum on the History of Educational Technology. Well this time he is back, not to talk about the content of his ebook on Virtual Learning Communities (although I highly recommend you read it!), but to focus in on the process of writing an e-book.

Scott Leslie has a fancy title for his role at BCcampus, but I prefer the description from his popular blog Edtechpost: "educational technologist, hacker, researcher and open content/open network activist". During this seminar Scott will be helping us to understand the strategies and technologies around e-book authoring. 

Hida Angraenni and Diana Chan are two amazing co-op students from Simon Fraser University who are changing our lives at BCcampus! Their official title during this seminar is "researcher/curator" but they will be doing a whole lot more; with their help we will be turning this discussion into an e-book

Randy LaBonte, Community Access Coordinator for eCampusAlberta Professional Learning, helped to plan this event and will moderate Tuesday's web conference. 

Participating in SCoPE seminars 

SCoPE seminars are free and open to the public, and registration is not required. You are welcome to come and go according to your schedule and interests. To contribute you will need to create an account on the SCoPE site -- a quick process. Are you new to SCoPE or wondering how to manage your participation? Check this resource.

If you have any questions about participating in SCoPE don't hesitate to ask here in the forum, or get in touch with me directly.

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