by Amy Severson -
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I was considering all the varied approaches, objectives and comments that everyone has made these last two weeks, and getting frustrated at how difficult it is to capture it all. There isn't a "best way", just many different thoughtful and realistic (given those contraints!) outcomes. 


So I built the beginnings of an "On-demand Video Bingo". I've cut and pasted it below and attached it as a word document. I hope that it captures some of the complexity, and I'd love to see how people re-mix or re-edit it! 

I know this is only a very brief summary, but I've been at work all day, and now it's the Board Meeting, so this is what I've got! 

Thanks for an interesting and thought-provoking seminar!










Broad/ introductory

Supplements face to face


3rd party creator

Under 2 minutes


Specific/ supplementary

Supplements online teaching

Instructor/ self

2 to 5 minutes

Emotional resonance


Specific stand-alone

Stand alone

In-house/ technical support

5 to 15 minutes

Demonstration of technique

Broad/ comprehensive


Lecture capture

Students/ collaborative

15 +

Listening/ comprehension

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Re: Summary and THANK YOU

by Sylvia Currie -

Amy, thank you thank you thank you so much for facilitating this seminar, and thanks everyone for your great contributions.

I loved the way Amy phrased the description:

"We won’t find any definitive answers, but certainly some new scenarios and resources, and new questions to jump start discussions in our respective workplaces".

Those words really capture the essence of what we're trying to accomplish here in SCoPE. Hopefully nobody ever feels that they're leaving a discussion with all the answers!

And you know what? Amy's bingo summary shows that there's more to this game than we think. Behind each square there's a lot to think about. Remember everyone, if you do remix this be sure to pop an updated version back into this forum!

We're launching a new seminar tomorrow, so pop on over to Writing an e-book about e-books for fun and no profit with Richard Schwier. Hope to see you there!