Videoconferencing: 2-way communication

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by Sylvia Currie -
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I'm popping in here quickly now and will be back later with a more thorough report, but yesterday we ran a session that was a videoconference to watch and discuss videos together. We've tried this before at SCoPE, and it has always been a bit of a challenge to set up. When it does work it can be a really powerful way to anchor a discussion. 

Here are some earlier SCoPE seminar examples:

Culturally Diverse Learners -- this is a video series developed at Thompson Rivers University.

Art of Teaching - video series developed by Vancouver Island University

During these live sessions we had the videos online in sections, and participants were "sent away" to watch a clip then come back to the Elluminate room to discuss as a group. We had to set up protocols to bring everyone back together -- like a green check mark when you're finished. There was quite a bit of technical overhead with several windows open, etc. Originally we thought we could use webtour but of course you run into issues with audio, or upload the videos to Elluminate but that had its own issues (can't remember what now)

Yesterday we met up in Google Hangout and watched videos that had been uploaded to YouTube. This worked very well because we were all together in the same space. One person controlled the video, you can actually speak over the video if you want to, we relied on visual cues (thumbs up, oops forgot to unmute, etc). I have some video clips of us in a video conference watching videos together (!) which I'll put together and share here.