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by Curt Bonk -
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Thanks for promoting my R2D2 book Paddy. That is kind of you.

Don't buy the book. Use free stuff. Smile. For instance, this article came out a few books ago (written years ago) on the use of shared online video. It contains 10 ideas for student-centered use of shared online video and 10 for instructor-centered use:

 Bonk, C. J. (2011). YouTube anchors and enders: The use of shared online video content as a macrocontext for learning. Asia-Pacific Collaborative Education Journal, 7(1). Available:

You might also explore:

1. My portal for shared online video sites:

2. The videos with my learning theories course:



3. My 27 short (10 minute) videos for how to teach online (I did for the Indiana U School of Ed); called the V-PORTAL or "Video Primers in an Online Repository for  e-Teaching & Learning":


b. (my YouTube channel...faster)

This is free to the world to use as you wish. You can splice em and dice how you want. Share them. Download them. Remix them. And even sell them.


Use Free Stuff...and perhaps buy my book if you want. Smile.