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by Amy Severson -
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Ah, it's a chicken and the egg question: does video support learning materials or do learning materials support video? Or.... do we agree that learning does not occur within a single medium!  

It seems that this discussion often returns to the qualifier "it depends", and in your example, you are using the video to highlight one specific idea with clear boundaries and is it fair to say, one specific objective? It seems that one of the benefits of having the short videos is it's narrow and precise focus - it is shorter, and also can be fit into multiple scenarios. A description of a misconception (I've seen them used to great effect in bioogy classes!) can be used, in multiple classes, and by multiple instructors. 

It does of course assume that this video is part of a larger class, either face to face or online.


Oh wow, I just watch the Koala video on Veristasium - those are some serious claws!