Would you like to be an AVI?

Would you like to be an AVI?

by Vasi Doncheva -
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Big thanks to all participants and contributors to this seminar.

Your generosity with your time, ideas and help in planing the AVIs framework is very much appreciated and valued.

As a result we have a well shaped role of what is expected from AVIs as well as some great ideas how we can attract and retain potential AVIs with rewards that will be of value to them. Thank you gain for helping design this critical element of the AVI framework.

Once we have the AVI proposal drafted in wikieducator we will post the link here so you can continue to comment and contribute.

We hope that some if not all of you will become AVIs and will work with us to further refine the concept during the pilot in 2012.

If you would like to help as an AVI the OER learners and test the concept and framework with us please repy to this forum and we will be in touch early next year.

Thank you again and Best wishes to you and your families for Christmas and the new year 

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Vasi and Wayne

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Re: Would you like to be an AVI?

by Alison Snieckus -

Yes, I am interested to be an AVI in support of OERu.


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Re: Would you like to be an AVI?

by simon fenton-jones -

Hi Vasi,

I'm not sure of what you mean by a "well shaped role" but you know I'd like to help without being a distraction. I do the little I can by pointing potential OERers at what's going on.

Not sure if you look at "outreach" as "brokerage" like I do. There's an aweful lot of people with qualifications whose institutions will be given direction, once they realize how much more fun (and efficient) it is to share rather than re-enforcing the institutional walls.

Wouldn't have role for someone who's trying to get the network engineers to collaborate would you?

All the season's best, si

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Re: Would you like to be an AVI?

by John Stampe -

Yes, I am interested in being an AVI.

John Stampe




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Invitation for academic volunteers to help test the technology

by Vasi Doncheva -

Greetings to all,

We are ready to test the technology to support our OERu learners thanks to Jim Tittsler, Lead Software Engineer at the OER Foundation who has now integrated a feed from the ask.oeruniversity.org website into the WEnotes (WikiEducator Notes) timeline. You will find more technical detail in Jim's recent wikiblog entry and see how this fits into the elearning environment for the OCL4Ed course. A BIG thank you to Jim who continues to innovate on a shoestring budget.

The OERu network agreed to trial the ask.bot community-based question and answer forum as a possible solution for a Frequently Asked Questions database to support learners in future OERu courses. Academic volunteers and learners can earn Karma points and badges -- for participating in the community (for more information consult our beginners guide on using Ask OEru).

This is an Invitation for academic volunteers to help test the technology

Kathleen, Supten, Alison, Simon and John have expressed an interest to help and be one of our first AVIs. This invitation is extended to the rest of the community to join them.

We have a unique opportunity to trial this approach as a component of peer-to-peer learning support for the OERu model with the upcoming OCL4Ed workshop starting on 20 June 2012. We would appreciate any of the participants in this discussion with intermediate or advanced knowledge of OERs and Creative Commons Licenses to join the course and volunteer a little time to help us test the Ask OERu engine from the perspective of an academic volunteer - while supporting hundreds of learners from +50 countries.

If you don't have intermediate or advanced knowledge of OERs, copyright and Creative Commons -- you should definitely join our free OCL4Ed celebratory workshop :-). We are here to share the gift of knowledge.

Wayne and Vasi