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Can you help? OERu assessment and credentialisation practice survey

Can you help? OERu assessment and credentialisation practice survey

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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Hi everyone,

The OERu network is collecting information on existing assessment and credentialising practices in higher education with a focus on how these could potentially support the OER learners in gaining formal credit for their learning. We are especially interested in current practice and policies at all post-secondary institutions to establish whether there are any significant differences when compared to the existing policies at the OERu anchor partner institutions.    

Due date: 31 December 2011.
Who: Institutional representative who is familiar with assessment and credentialing practices at your institution, or can obtain the correct information.
All post-secondary institutions are welcome to post responses. All data will be dedicated to the public domain and freely available for your own research activities.  
We'd appreciate help from members of this SCoPE seminar to complete the survey or identify someone in your organisation who will be able to complete the survey. (Note: If you work at one of the founding anchor partners of the OER university (OERu) your institutional representive has already been contacted to complet this short survey).
Many thanks