Rules of the game

Rules of the game

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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This SCoPE seminar is a live planning session of the OER university (OERu) network to action the decisions taken by the OERu founding anchor partners at the OERu 2011.11 planning meeting. The OER Foundation subscribes to radical transparency which is why we conduct our planning openly. We value all contributions from the open community which can add value to achieving the strategic objectives of the OERu concept.

To facilitate a successful planning session, the following "rules of the game" apply:

  • Take the time to appraise yourself of the history and progress of the OERu to date. In particular, we expect contributors to be familiar wih the outcomes and decisions of the OERu founding anchor partners meeting
  • Avoid unnecessary affirmations or agreements with previous contributors. Contribute when you have something new to add, want to clarify a previous point or table an alternative view or idea.
  • You may not agree with the OERu model and that's fine. If you're interested in designing and implementing an initiative which is radically different from what the OERu is doing, you have the whole Internet and freedom to launch your project(s). This SCoPE forum is not a launch pad for pet projects ;-).
  • We accept that all contributions to our planning session are dedicated to the public domain. The OERu network is sharing all our planning ideas with you and we hope that you will do the same in return. If you are not comfortable with dedicating your ideas to the public domain, contributors are responsible for clearly identifying the license permissions associated with their contributions to this planning forum.
  • The OERu anchor partners have final decision-making autonomy on what we will implement from this planning session. If your institution has the expertise to do better -- we suggest your join us!
  • Most of all have fun! While our network is serious about providing more affordable opportunities for post secondary education and we are passionate about the potential of OER in achieving this aim. 

I hope that this seminar will enable old-friends to connect and that you will develop new contacts for your personal networks.

Remember that your individual contributions here will make a difference in providing free learning opportunities for all students worldwide.

Let the collabOERation begin!

Vasi and Wayne