How do we provide credit/recognition for vols?

Re: How do we provide credit/recognition for vols?

by Joyce McKnight -
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We do not have courses that we designate "service learning" courses because many of our courses especially in nursing and community and human services have service learning incorporated into them as a part of the expectations.  For instance, my Community Organizing class is not designated service learning but each student initiates and supports a project in a target community of his/her choice...and is expected to actually do something to begin to bring their initiative to the model I shared with everyone would just be a course like mine...probably under Community and Human Services but maybe under Human Development or Educational Studies...students would register for it and receive credit for learning how to do the tutoring, demonstrating their understanding of the processes, and actually advising students.    We could probably develop it as an OER and give students a choice...matriculated students could take it for credit as part of their degree programs and those who are preparing an OER-based portfolio could take it in a sort of open non-credit format (like a mini-MOOC), include it in their portfolios with documentation of their learning, and present it for PLA credit once they matriculate.  I believe that ESC would have no trouble with documented PLA for this...I am not sure about the other partners..

ESC requires 4 credits of educational planning that the students usually use to plan their degree programs in a two credit course and then take one of a selection of courses focused on learning theory and skills.   I think that the course I am describing could fairly easily be developed as one of these educational studies options.   The outline gives the general flow.   Betty and I have been responsible for designing literally dozens of online courses between us...I can't speak for her, of course, but I would be pleased to work with other members of the OER-u team to design such a course.

I hope this all makes is sometimes hard to explain processes that are all integrated into our own institutional approach to things.

Bottom line...such a course could be easily made available and credit could be earned in a couple of ways.   We would just have to get it onto the development schedule and assign it to an Area Coordinator (someone like me with subject area expertise).

As you say...exciting times!   J.