How do we provide credit/recognition for vols?

Re: How do we provide credit/recognition for vols?

by Kathleen Zarubin -
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In addition to Wayne's ideas
(& taking on board the concepts there are lots of ‘ways’ to be involved)
I'd like to suggest 2 others.

1. (some form of ..) TOKENS /
Points which can be ‘cashed in’ towards fee applicable services. For example an
‘accrediting organisation’ could offer to except X number of TOKENS / Points
towards or in exchange for their assessment services.  OR an ‘instructional designer’ etc could also
offer to accept them for part payment if an AVI wanted to use their services..


Probably not all but say Z ‘currency’ (real money) + X tokens.

I guess it is similar in concept to the ‘Linden $’ in second life or ‘Bartercard’ type systems.  At the end of day no one would actually ‘hand over’ the currency value of the token/points – but rather it is a form of ‘discount’. 

Maybe it could also be possible
for an AVI to ‘donate’ their ‘tokens’ to others in some way if they wanted to.

(L&M as an Australian RTO would be willing to participate if it was agreeable to others)


2. I mentioned this ‘thing’ previously in another discussion.  I’m not sure if this ‘exact’ thing / company is inline with the whole ethos / culture (re OPEN) … but .. I think the overall concept is ‘cute (?) .. could provide ‘feel good’ warm fuzzies ..  

One thing about this is it could be set up to acknowledge different activities / contributions and has the potential to even involve ‘learners’ (if they wanted to be involved) .. and recognise them completing a task / writing a reflection asking a question etc. This type of concept also encourages (or could encourage) others to  ‘recognise’ the contribution of other AVIs …  (maybe? ..)


The other thing to just share is this - It
is not so much a reward / recognition thingy (& again might not be ‘appropriate’
here) but it is interesting and collaborative … I’ve just ‘found it’ and have no vested interest .. just passing it on’ in case it has any value.


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Re: How do we provide credit/recognition for vols?

by Mary Pringle -

I really like the idea of a bartering system. Badges are okay, but not a big motivator for me. The first would be the satisfaction of helping students; next would be something of more practical use, like a skills exchange.