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Thoughts on governance, leadership and organisational structure for OERu

Thoughts on governance, leadership and organisational structure for OERu

by Wayne Mackintosh -
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As we start wrapping up and concluding this SCoPE seminar, we should consider thoughts, ideas and advice for the founding OERu anchor partners on issues of governance, management and organisational structure for the OER Tertiary Education Network (OERTen).

The OER Foundation is an independent non-profit and registered as an educational charity. The OER Foundation convenes a number of autonomous but related OER initiatives, for example:

  • WikiEducator (a community of educators, largely working in the formal education sector, collaborating on the development and remix of OERs using a peer collaboration model.)
  • WikiResearcher (a startup community which aims to use a wiki collaboration model for the the design, execution and dissemination of research in the formal sector.)
  • OERTen -- the network of accredited colleges, polytechnics and universities implementing the OERu.
  1. Any advice or suggestions for governance model for the OERTen / OERu?
  2. What organisational model would be best for the OERu?
We will table the suggestions from this SCoPE seminar at the meeting of anchor partner in November.

The OER Foundation is also pleased to confirm funding support for the OERu anchor partner meeting from UNESCO (Office for the Pacific States.) This means we will be able to stream the meeting of anchor partners for all interested persons, as we did when discussing the logic model for the OERu.