Re: Thanks!

by Paul Beaufait -
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Good on you, too, Sylvia!

It was a pleasure to read along through mail notifications as time permitted, and as someone relatively unfamiliar with precepts of instructional design, yet one often in awe of the glittering flow of discussion: prompts, responses, amplifications, analyses, and syntheses herein.

Reading along from the periphery, however, I experienced minor frustration in encounters with acronyms. When I encountered them in separate messages (perhaps daily digests), rather than in the context of on-site discussion threads, where those acronyms may have been "[s]pelled out ... on first use" (Always Learning, tip 9, 2011.06.23), I often felt an urge to stop reading along, and look them up.

So, with an eye towards general facilitation of readership, as well as encouraging and fostering participation, I've taken this moment to reflect on the diversity of SCoPE community membership, and the variety of contexts and in which we might encounter acronyms and technical terms from any field under discussion. I hope present and future readers of this discussion will, too.

I'm truly looking forward to upcoming seminars.

Cheers, Paul