by Nicholas Bowskill -
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Hi Sylvia/Everyone,

I think evaluation would be a very interesting topic for a seminar. Yes. This makes me think about collaborative and democratic evaluation - everyone gets to have a view and to hear the views presented. Its also distinct from someone harvesting the group and taking those views away like stolen goods or something. Lots more I think we could all say about that and other aspects of evaluation.

I've also been thinking about the whole idea of informal learning. It really troubles me in these times of networked people etc. and also in the context of events or sessions like this which might be described broadly as half way between formal and informal. I wonder if these terms have both become problematic and we might instead talk about moments of focus. By that I mean we can be present at any old event, meeting, course etc and we may be mentally attending or not. It's not determined by how 'posh' it is. I've come to thinking that it's really more about what I've so far called 'moments of focus.' That's pretty much as far as I've got or can say in a brief message like this. It's really an expression of dissatisfaction with the notion of informal learning in a networked world. If you like it i claim copyright. ;-)

Have a great weekend.