Where would you like us to go for Week #2?

Re: Where would you like us to go for Week #2?

by Nicholas Bowskill -
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I would be very sad if my children were encouraged to live on a computer. They've gone on a school trip today exploring the outdoors. No technology allowed for the day. We also just got back from a holiday abroad and I left all gadgets behind. It really can be wonderful to be free of it all. Sometimes the world is too much with us.

In this regard, I love the work of Charles Crook who talks about the use of computers in the classroom as a vehicle for learning in a way that upholds the joys of being with other people. It should be a way of learning with and about other people.

I often think we've learned how to use technology to communicate at a distance. We need to use it to learn to understand those around us too. Maybe once a week might restore some much-needed perspective. ;-)