Automating Instructional Design: June 6-24, 2011 where do we go from here? where do we go from here?

by Bill Thimmesch -
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So I was going to wait until Sunday night to post a turn to our discussion--but why  not now?  Here's what I'm thinking:  great points have been made that the creative process of ISD (especially in the area of educational course design as opposed to technical/formal training) is hard to restrain with a "think-box" tool to walk through the design process.  Still...I think automation has a benefit (as does technology).  So here's the new question:  are there  not research-based (proven) practices on how best to teach subjects such as writing, dance, public speaking, math which might be caputred in a tool for novice ISD professionals?  Rubric or Template?  You choose and please discuss!