Welcome to our June seminar: Automating Instructional Design

Welcome to our June seminar: Automating Instructional Design

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Welcome to our June seminar: Automating Instructional Design.

About this seminar

The purpose of this 3-week seminar is to share, learn, and discuss strategies and current projects in the area of automating the instructional design process. With the explosion of web 2.0, rapid e-learning design, online simulations, and other modes of training, it seems the time is right to pull together a tool that can aid the instructional designer in fitting the right type of training for the given purpose of the instruction.

About our facilitator

Bill Thimmesch comes to us with experience as an educational specialist for the United States Courts in Washington, D.C., and program manager for professional training programs for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Bill currently serves as Vice-President, Federal Sector, for the Federal Government Distance Learning Association.

Participating in SCoPE seminars

SCoPE seminars are free and open to the public, and registration is not required. You are welcome to come and go according to your schedule and interests. To contribute you will need to create an account on the SCoPE site -- a quick process. Are you new to SCoPE or wondering how to manage your participation? Check this resource.

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