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Objectives of OER university

Objectives of OER university

by Nasr Ullah -
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The OER University will be a graet effort for universalisation of education. Especialy in equalisation access to the educational material globally. However its objectives setting should be considered significantly. In this regard I suggest the following  points to be kept in mind while setting its objectives.

  • Clintel.
  • resources.
  • role of indeginous institutes/universities.
  • outcome of the OER university
  • time required for achieving the objectives.
  • coherance with the national objectives of the learner
  • learners access to the resources/ infrastructure
  • evaluation criteria
  • fields of study
  • role/tasks performed by the learners
  • Formative evaluation of the university
  • Sustainability of the OER university
  • value of the learners in job market


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Re: Objectives of OER university

by Wayne Mackintosh -
Hi Nasr,

Excellent questions -- the purpose of the pre-meeting seminar as well as the open planning meeting scheduled for 23 February 2011 is to identify the range of questions we should be asking and to start finding the answers. The kinds of questions you are asking are exactly what we are looking for - Thanks for starting the process :-).

On the OER university page there are two graphics we're using to help structure our thinking -- I'm sure these will change and improve as we move forward, especially after input from the SCoPE seminar and the meeting itself.

However I should clearly communicate that the anchor partners (i.e. Athabasca University, the University of Southern Queensland, Otago Polytechnic, BCcampus and the OER Foundation) working on the "OER university concept" see quality assurance and institutional accreditation as the cornerstone or foundation of the project. OER learners must be able to attain credible qualifications which are trusted and respected.

I should also point out that any formal education institution, who cares about the educational value of sharing knowledge, who wants to join the "OER university" concept free to do so - -we're not a closed shop.

A closing comment -- there are exemplary projects working in the sphere of peer-based open and networked learning on the net, for example the P2PU project. The "OER university" concept does not discount or intend to compete with the value of informal networked learning or the DIY University. I think we need to think about the OER landscape as an evolving ecosystem. The "OER university" does not want to replicate the amazing work being done international to support informal learners - rather, we want to see how the formal education sector can add value to realising free learning for all students worldwide.

Great questions!


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Re: Objectives of OER university

by Joyce McKnight -
I think it is great to have a list of talking points to guide our discussion. One of the major challenges in a complicated project like this one is to know where to begin. Thanks Nasr for your direction setting efforts. JMcK
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Re: Objectives of OER university

by Nasr Ullah -

Hi Wayne

 "student is free to formulate his own learning path way", may be  one of the objectives of the OER university. In this regard the OER-U should have a reasonable amount of educatioal resources to fullfil diverse needs of diveresed students across the world.



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Re: Objectives of OER university

by Vinod Kumar Kanvaria -

Hi all,

I wish our university should provide course, credit and degree which are spatial-free and temporal-free.

We should support free education for all: disadvantaged, marginalised and weaker section of the society too.

We should ensure to have all for education and education for all.

Of course providing free notebook/netbook to every learner is also one of the pre-requisite of the course.