OER university: Feb 16-Mar 2, 2011

Checking in

Checking in

by Eugene Rubin -
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Just checking in for any future discussion on OERU

Gene Rubin
Victoria, BC

My background:
Former Chair of the Master of Distance Education program at the University of Maryland University College. Present faculty member at UMUC and Athabasca University. Now teaching "Teaching and Learning in the K-12 Virtual School".
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Re: Checking in

by Sylvia Currie -
Thanks for checking in, Gene! This discussion will officially kick off February 16th. But everyone, please feel free to follow Gene's lead and post your background, etc. Also, there is a OER university Google Group that I encourage everyone to join as a way to keep up-to-date with project activities.
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Re: Checking in

by Hemlata chari -

Hello I am looking forward

Iam Hemlata Deputy Director- Academic from University of Mumbai I am a moodler now would like to actively engage in OER We are hosting our first OER Workshop from 24th -26th February Prof Asha Kanwar shall deliver the inaugral address

i wish to actively participate and spread OER Excellent work 

hemlata chari Phd-University of Alberta


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Re: Checking in

by Wayne Mackintosh -
Checking in from the OER Foundation. Really looking forward to our discussions and inputs for the upcoming planning meeting on 22/23 Feb 2011.

Kudos to the SCOPE and BCcampus team for their foresight and support in facilitating open discussions for the OER university concept.

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Re: Checking in

by Paul Stacey -

Thanks for starting this checking in and intros discussion area. Great to see this early interest.

I'm Paul Stacey from BCcampus. I'll be facilitating the OER University seminar in SCoPE.

I work at BCcampus where we've been implementing and operating a publicly funded OER initiative since 2003. The OER developed through our program is used by the colleges and universities in teacher delivered online, for-credit courses and programs. We're looking forward to diversifying this use case through the OER University model.

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Re: Checking in

by Paily M.U. -
Thanks to Paul for starting this seminar in moodle platform and supporting the planning meeting

I am Paily, a Teacher Educator employed with National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi and is currently posted at Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal as Associate Professor in Education & Head Department of Extension Education.

Currently I am working on two projects
  1. Integration of web2.0 tools in school education by training secondary school teachers from the western states of India. Details are available at http://www.ictmanual.net
  2. Integration of FOSS and OER in school education by training the secondary school teachers from the western states of India details are available at http://www.oss-oer4school.net
Once completed this will be made available under creative commons
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Re: Checking in

by teresa eca -
I am an art teacher in Portugal, researcher in art education and teacher trainer in arts education . Currently I am coordinating a project about visual narratives from children and young people in the borderlands. And of course an adept of open contents and open knowledge.

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Re: Checking in

by Pheo Martin -
Warm Greetings All,
I am Director of Realizing Education's Potential Institute We track and contribute innovations in Education. The area of OER, OCW, and open education is a primary focus as we enter the second decade of this century. I live in Washington State so I am smiling to all those north of me in British Columbia. This year should see some powerful movements around the world and in education. Hurray! Pheo
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Re: Checking in

by Gina Bennett -
Hi everybody!

I work at College of the Rockies, in Cranbrook BC, where I support a wide variety of online learning & curriculum development initiatives. I've been interested in OERs for a long time now & I'm fascinated by the idea of an "OER University". Looking forward to the discussion...

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Re: Checking in

by Ilene Frank -
I retired from my position as an academic services librarian at the University of South Florida's Tampa Library in 2009. While at University of South Florida I was also an adjunct teaching online courses for the library school. I currently teach online courses for University of Maryland University College- including a course for the Master of Distance Education and E-Learning program on intellectual property and information literacy. (Hi, Gene!) I am also the Director of Library Services for the University of the People (http://www.uopeople.org). That position has made me acutely aware of the need for OER and open access to scholarly resources in general.
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Re: Checking in

by Cable Green -
Hi Everyone,

Wayne encouraged me to sign up and engage.

I'm going to read what all of the rest of your smart folks have to say before jumping in...


Cable Green, PhD
Director of eLearning & Open Education

(e) cgreen@sbctc.edu / (p) 360-704-4334
(t) @cgreen / (b) OER / eLearning

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Re: Checking in

by Barbara Dieu -

Hello there,

Formally, I've been an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher at a secondary Franco-Brazilian lycee in Sao Paulo for many years. Outside this framework and online as an independent educator, I've become increasingly interested and involved in the open movement in education. I am a (slow) contributor to Wikimedia projects (Commons and Wikipedia), Wikieducator, Merlot and a member of the incipient Brazilian OER community.

Looking forward to the discussions around OERu.

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Re: Checking in

by David Porter -
Thanks to Sylvia and Paul for setting up this forum, and to Wayne for spearheading the initiative to get the concept moving.

The discussions will be lively, I'm sure.


David Porter
Executive Director
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Re: Checking in from New Zealand

by Niki Davis -
Kia ora and hello to you all from New Zealand

I am Professor of e-Learning and a teacher educator in the University of Canterbury and very happily a shared leader of professional development for school teachers adopting blended and online learning. This includes support from Wayne and many others on WikiEducator.

I will be assisting on site at the OERu meeting in Dunedin.

Great to be online with you,
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Re: Checking in

by Edward Mokurai Cherlin -
Checking in from

One Laptop Per Child
Sugar Labs
FLOSS Manuals
Earth Treasury

Computers now cost less than printed textbooks at every level from elementary school to post-graduate work. There is an accelerating trend to electronic learning materials under Creative Commons and other Free/Liberated licenses.

What do we know about this, and what do we know we don't know?

How can we begin to find out what we don't know we don't know?

For example, what will happen when millions of children educated on OLPC XO laptops grow up and enter college with up to 12 years of full-time computer experience?

What can children learn with computers and Internet access that they cannot learn just with paper, pencil, and contact with people within walking distance?

Are colleges and universities everywhere sufficiently adaptable to deal with such issues? How about countries and cultures?

Never mind the Digital Divide. Can you say "generation gap"?
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Re: Checking in

by Deleted user -
Hello Everyone,

I don't have extensive experience as many of you on the forum, but this is the right moment to learn and contribute to movement growth. I am from Rwanda. My professional background is mainly EFL teaching at primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education . I am currently in Michigan and working on the completion of two MAs (Online and Distance Education with OU and TESOL with EMU). I am hopefully returning to Rwanda in May and hope to start a teacher online community for professional learning. I want to share OERs with colleague teachers in Rwanda and explore how these resources can be widely and effectively used in this setting with the goal to reach learners in remote corners of the country.

I look forward to learning from the forum.
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Re: Checking in

by Anil Prasad P -
Hi, I'm from Kerala, India. Being a supporter of OER and Volunteer Educator @ WikiEducator, I'm deeply interested in this topic.

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Re:One more Checkin from New Zealand

by Vasi Doncheva -
Thanks Eugene for getting the checkin process started smile,
it is great to see educators from so many different countries excited and keen to not only share resources and expertise but also contribute ideas how we can get institutions to formally recognize OER and open educational practice on a global scale.

Looking forward to the meeting in Dunedin and most of all the outcomes approve

Flexible Learning Manager at Northtec

skype and twitter: playnice_nz
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Getting the hang of it.

by Joyce McKnight -
Hello everyone from the cold of northern New York State in the US. I wish I really were with you in New Zealand but I couldn't convince my Dean to pay for it especially with equally effective online options available. Empire State College of the State University of New York where I work is proud to be a founding member of the OER Foundation and I am extremely pleased to bring our models of prior learning assessment and self-directed learning to this discussion.
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Re: Getting the hang of it.

by Wayne Mackintosh -
Hi Joyce,

We're very pleased that UNESCO has provided support to stream the meeting. So already the OER Foundation is helping institutions to save travel costs ;-) It will be our first attempt to run an open international planning meeting - -so I hope we don't make too many mistakes.

The experience of Empire State College will be invaluable in planning the "OER equivalent" model -- Empire State College were leaders in pioneering open curricula in distance education -- looks like you're well positioned to do the same in an OER world.

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Re: Getting the hang of it.

by Joyce McKnight -
I am extremely pleased to be here. I just started a six month sabbatical and this is my first "conference". It is indeed inexpensive but after a very long Adirondack winter (the Adirondacks is a big state park in upstate New York...very beautiful but very cold) I wish I was with you in New Zealand. Perhaps one day I can convince the college that a re-assignment to the OER Foundation would be a wonderful idea...especially in January or February...:-) Joking aside, I will be with all of you as often as I can in the next week or so. J.
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Re: Checking in

by Joseph Thibault -
Checking in from Silver Spring, MD. My name is Joseph Thibault and I work for StraighterLine.com, we provide very low cost courses which students can take for college credit on their own time/schedule.

I also write/blog on the topics of Moodle, Open Source and other Learning Management Systems.

Just curious where this initiative will go and how educational costs might be driven down effectively.


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Re: Checking in

by Vinod Kumar Kanvaria -

Hi everyone,

Good wishes to all.

Just for the sake of introduction, I am Assistant Professor in Education/Educational Technology at University of Delhi, Delhi (INDIA).