Week 4: Visualization: Tools for, and examples of, Analytics

Visualizations :)

Visualizations :)

by Sarah Haavind -
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So I am perhaps jumping ahead a bit, but the Semantic Web ideas REALLY got my mind networks shimmering 8-) and THEN I discovered these two fascinating visualization sites, thanks to a LinkedIn colleague of mine whom some of you may know, Elizabeth Dorland. She pointed me to:

Map of Science home: http://scimaps.org/
(Try the BROWSE MAPS and have fun getting lost in amazing analytics visualizations toward semantic webbing, seems to me.)

And also, http://www.visualizing.org/
Scroll down and enjoy another "forest" of visualization adventures! Take your pick!!

...and so then, as seems to happen sometimes -- all at once new patterns emerge all over the place once you have the right glasses on, I discovered Linked In's new visualizing your network tool, have you seen it and/or tried it? I think this wil take you there...

I was struck by how much research is going to shift (morph?) once more of this is readily in place. WOW!