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SNAPP look-alikes

SNAPP look-alikes

by Bert De Coutere -
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I've done the SNAPP exercise as indicated in the syllabus this week. But are there 'lookalikes' you know or use?

I remember a few years back my company (IBM) had a beta tool made in one of the labs that would crawl your e-mail, instant messages, and any other communicatoin it could find and make this kind of map for you. But then it was pulled from European countries because of some privacy legislation. Too bad because I really liked it. (And I did give the tool permission to mine the data on my own computer, but somehow legally I was not allowed to do that?)

But we still have another 'SNAPP lookalike' called SandVis that makes these kind of visual social graphs by mining the social network we have internally, going into knowledge bases etc. I made a screenshot (attached) searching for the word 'learning analytics' and it brings up people and their connections, documents, countries etc.

Anyone else uses a 'SNAPP lookalike'?
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Re: SNAPP look-alikes

by George Siemens -
Hi Bert - in your request for SNAPP-look alikes, I assume you are referring to tools that map social networks. If so, there are numerous options available (some free, some not):

Netdraw: http://www.analytictech.com/netdraw/netdraw.htm
Pajek: http://vlado.fmf.uni-lj.si/pub/networks/pajek/
NodeXL: http://nodexl.codeplex.com/
Netminer: http://www.netminer.com/NetMiner/home_01.jsp
Touchgraph: http://www.touchgraph.com/navigator
Gephi: http://gephi.org/
UCINet: http://www.analytictech.com/ucinet/


The reason we went with SNAPP for the week 2 activity is that it's a simple browser plugin and doesn't require manually loading data. It demonstrates social network analysis without needing the techical skills of the tools listed above.
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Re: SNAPP look-alikes

by Shahrinaz Ismail -
Allow me to copy these links for my future use... (no time to explore now) ;D

Thanks, George!
- Shazz
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Re: SNAPP look-alikes

by Shahrinaz Ismail -
This is marvellous, Bert! I think I should try this too!

I was just thinking of the keywords/tags, and never knew they have it in other applications. Kewl! B-)

Let me share my thoughts from yesterday here:
1. Testing the SNAPP and NetDraw:

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