Hello from New York City!

Hello from New York City!

by Amy Sham -
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Hello everyone!

I came across LAK11 a few days ago, but didn't have the time to fully investigate until now. I have A LOT of catchup to do.

This course seems like a logical component of my foray into the world of information and analytics. Primarily, I study math at university and personality theory for fun (and also at university). I'm very interested in the personality paradox, so to speak -- how to model people, how to model uniqueness with universalities, etc. I also just love the concept of information... like, both the knowledge and the possibilities that said information contains.

In that vein (and on a more practical note), I'm also very interested in websites like Hunch. Can the machines get it right? If you can't, then how much do you need to teach them before they can?
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Re: Hello from New York City!

by Vanessa Vaile -
Hello Amy,

I'm coming from the teaching + humanities end but have similar questions and interests. A mentor called it the Faust complex ~ wanting to know everything.

I don't mind Hunch not getting it right yet, don't expect it ~ still in training and needs feeding