Barcelona -> Copenhagen and belated greetings

Barcelona -> Copenhagen and belated greetings

by Gemma Orta Martinez -
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Belated greetings from Copenhagen!

This is Gemma, I'm from Barcelona. I'm currently working in UNICEF, in its Supply Division, which is where I expect to be able to apply some of the concepts of this course.

So I'm joining this course because, although I am not involved directly in learning in terms of academic learning, I'm interested in how one can optimise learning in a global organisation and analyse how this learning happens, and because I get to work with a lot of "medium-sized data" that should be able to link to "big data" on humanitarian development status and progress, and then get visualised for improved focus on the areas of need.

It's my first time as participant to a OOC (being Catalan, I leave the M out...) and it's also my first time using some of these technologies so, let's see, I'm excited about it!