Hi from Madrid, Spain

Hi from Madrid, Spain

by Derick Leony -
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Hi all,

My name is Derick Leony and I'm a PhD candidate at University Carlos III of Madrid. My research topic of interest is the analysis of interaction in collaborative learning environments, which is very related to the topic of this course.

I've got a strong background on technology and have worked with the OpenACS/.LRN platform (www.dotlrn.org), and educational specifications like IMS QTI and IMS LD.

The course syllabus is very promising and the content looks very interesting so far.

My social handle is usually "dleony", and I would like to exchange ideas, experiences and references about previous work regarding learning analytics.

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Re: Hi from Madrid, Spain

by Deleted user -
Hi Derick

I'm Abdullah from Turkey.

I am also doing a research on interaction in computer mediated learning environments. I worked with Moodle previously and curious to know about other platforms as well. My history with LMS is not a very long one and it's the first time I've heard about dotLearn and I think I should give it a try.
However, I have some questions before I begin to have an idea about dotLearn:

What advantages does dotLearn have over Moodle?
Which one would you prefer if you were to create a collaborative learning environment to support your f2f classes?

Thanks for your help in advance.

PS: Madrid is a magnificent city, Plaza Del Mayor, I loved it :)

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Re: Hi from Madrid, Spain

by Derick Leony -
Hi Abdullah. Glad to hear that more people are in interested in this subject!

Regarding your questions, as with everything, .LRN has both pros and cons when compared with Moodle. In the early days, the technologies that supported .LRN (AOLserver, PostgreSQL, Tcl) used to outperform their competitors; but I don't think this is necessarily true nowadays.

Another technical advantages from the analytics point of view is that every request to the platform is first handled by a global request processor, which eases the way to track the actions that learners perform in the system. This would probably be feasible in Moodle as well, but I think it would require much more work than in .LRN.

I hope this helps and I also hope to keep on discussing these interesting subjects around here!