Greetings from Austin, TX

Greetings from Austin, TX

by Ken Tothero -
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FINALLY got around to listening to the archive of George Siemens' NMC conversation about Learning Analytics and, in the process, learned about this course (a day late, it seems). I run a small educational technology research and development team in the Learning Technology Center, College of Education, University of Texas at Austin. We've spent considerable time here thinking about the changes that will be needed in order to support 21st century teachers and learners, and learning analytics will most certainly play a role in that transformation.

I'm hoping that this course will serve as a primer on the topic and will stimulate and inform the inclusion of data capture in the technology-based learning tools and resources that we create here. My background includes 10+ years teaching in the K12 environment (physics), 5 years in commercial educational software development, and 10 years here in the university environment.
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by George Siemens -
Hi Ken - if you're interested other session recordings are available here: