Today: Toronto, Canada. Next week: Copenhagen, Denmark

Today: Toronto, Canada. Next week: Copenhagen, Denmark

by Christopher Teplovs -
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Hi all,

I am currently a Research Scientist and Software Engineer at the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology at the University of Toronto. I use my expertise in science education, multivariate statistics, and software design implementation with two decades of experience in the use of network-based technology in education to create innovative software for the learning sciences. I'm an expert in the use of latent semantic analysis for assessment of online discourse and in the creation of highly interactive network visualization tools.

My family is moving to Copenhagen later this week where my spouse and I will be pursuing post-doctoral positions at the Centre for Applied Information and Communication Technology at Copenhagen Business School. We are hoping that all will be well with child care arrangements for our 18-month-old daughter and that our 9-year-old pug won't hate us too much for the relocation.

This means that I'm just a bit distracted at the moment and I'm already behind. Nevertheless, I am very interested in this course as preparation for the LAK2011 conference in Banff at the end of February where I'll be presenting at least one paper.