Seminar with John Fritz: 01.11.11

Seminar with John Fritz: 01.11.11

by Carline Romain -
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Lots of useful information was shared. It will be interesting to see how we develop these ideas for consumption by all-- four-year institutions, junior colleges and also pre-collegiate institutions. I have been fortunate to have access to student data at the pre-collegiate for my manual number crunching (later some software was involved--much later) to predict student success, performance, and their need for intervention. I have noticed that some institutions of higher learning are adopting a culture (or perhaps already had adopted it) of separation where student data generated by professors even of students whom they already have taught is kept from them (i.e., the professors in question). Much energy will have to be expended to mitigate the standstill that could ensue as a result of resistance to change on the part of all involved -- administrators, counselors, instructors, students, and in some instances in the case of chronologically young students, parents.
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by Tony Searl -


Questions around ethics, privacy and intent of edu data miners/profilers will escalate. Currently a supporter of open data collection within stringent systemic silos.

In our system, the DETNSW silo contains massive 'big data' that could better inform learning if agreed common platforms of edu analyticals, other than just standardised testing, were implemented.

The resistence to change you mention is also important. I'm concerned teacher's need for complex informed learning data will be controlled by other's intent (agendas?) IF we don't understand alternative rich data options available. "Build or buy" as John Fritz/GS? said in seminar. 

I dumped thoughts on John's presentation here. Kthxbai

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Re: Seminar with John Fritz: 01.11.11

by merce galan -
Someone has written on his personal blog on the conference John Fritz?

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