Hello from Kitchener, Ontario

Hello from Kitchener, Ontario

by Mike Cummings -
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Hi Everyone!

My name is Mike Cummings I am the product manager of the Analytics product for Desire2Learn. Based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada we have an energized group of developers and designers who have a simple goal to impact teaching and learning by using business intelligence and statistical techniques to uncover the hidden patterns of concern and opportunities. With over 5 million learners using our elearning application worldwide the opportunity to improve education is significant.

My goals for the course are:

· Understanding and exploring compelling metrics obtained by combining the ‘thrown off’ data with the data inherent to online education

· As social networks and other diverse and frequently changing tools are utilized by students to learn how can this ‘thrown off’ data be incorporated into Learning Analytics

· Education is becoming increasingly individualized with various paths available to meet course objectives and mastery of skills. What is the tipping point where individualization causes too much noise in the statistical analysis

· Data mining and visualization methods to show patterns quickly and still be accessible

· Finding contacts who share in the excitement of improving education!

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