Hi From Rural Colorado

Hi From Rural Colorado

by Terry Colton -
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My name is Terry Colton and I live in a small town in southern Colorado, USA. I have retired from regular work in Distance Education and Technology (Telecommunications Engineering) and just teach online courses part time for Mohave Community College in Kingam Arizonia. I am interested in the course to keep up with educational analytics topics since I was at one time the Director of Institutional Effectiveness and have a great interest in the topic. If I can get a couple of "HaHahs" from the course it will be a success.

I have a BSEE, MAMOB, and PhD.

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Re: Hi From Rural Colorado

by Vanessa Vaile -
as long as I can remember, that AHA moment (even if just one) has been my benchmark for a successful course. multiple AHA's are a bonus inscribing the course permanently in memory and enshrining it as a life changer

KISS course assessment.