by Carline Romain -
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Greetings, Everyone!

One of my key interests is in utilizing virtual communities, such as Second Life; social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook; and a myriad of other virtual platforms as communicative tools in learning, as well as knowledge, management via a change management dynamic for optimizing learning and teaching in the classroom—non-virtual and virtual.

I seek to activate the margins and compile nexi via vigorous aggregation, as it were; as such, I look forward to participating in this cutting-edge course (no pun intended) to activate additional ways and means of facilitating analysis, decision making, and synthesis.

Nothing has to happen, per se, in order for me to consider the course a success. By definition, the process that I have described above and possibly the operational definition of the course as envisioned by its creators would perforce suggest that success cannot be defined in traditional terms with respect to this new domain/modality. This is not to suggest that standards should be watered down in any manner; merely that the instruments of assessment eventually would come to the fore once the process has gained critical mass and ground. Consequently, for now, the ‘success’ is in interacting with like-minded individuals and the process of using the tools and noting their effectiveness on a case-by-case scenario.

I look forward to the ride… forward to the wave!