A Smile and a Wave from Minnesota

A Smile and a Wave from Minnesota

by Don Frederiksen -
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Hello All,

I'm smiling and waving from my chair in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I work in business intelligence, analytics, and data management for a manufacturer.

I find this course to be at the intersection of multiple domains that interest me. This includes learning, analytics, social media, open learning, Web 2.0 and more. And as I am known to say, "Interesting things happen at intersections!"

My best wishes to all of you.

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Re: A Smile and a Wave from Minnesota

by Jeff Grann -

HI Don,

Funny to be taking a course together around the world and meet a fellow home town LAK enthusiast. I suspect your experience in manufacturing would be a reall asset in American higher education. We've struggled to develop agreed upon measures and mature business processes. Looking forward to reading your contributions.