Greetings from Hudson, Massachusetts, US

Greetings from Hudson, Massachusetts, US

by Sarah Haavind -
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Hudson is near Boston on the East Coast of the US. It is wintery, but not as much snow as I would like. As a winter sports enthusiast, I love the snow!

I am interested in this course because of the quality and focus of the content, and course design. I appreciate the opportunity to engage with such a wide and thoughtful community of online learning and practice and I look forward to doing the work and helping to co-construct something challenging and interesting on the bleeding edge of formalized-informal learning with such a diversity of erudite co-discussants and co-explorers.

In my mind, the course is already a success, I have learned so much just by downloading and exploring some of the Session 1 materials and content! Its ultimate success will unfold in the personal conversation I have with the weekly content and exchanges of ideas with other discussants. With so much potential (between the excellent content and ease of accessing it all and the variety and number of discussants/participants already signed up), it seems success will largely depend on my regulating my own engagement so as not to become overwhelmed, but to continue finding entry points throughout the duration of the live sequence of events and challenges (assignments).

I have been teaching (and learning!) as a construtivist/constructionist facilitator of online courses for adults since the 1990s, first at Concord Consortium, and now at Lesley University, both in Massachusetts, US.
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Re: Greetings from Hudson, Massachusetts, US

by Jose Erigleidson Silva -

"In my mind, the course is already a success"

I agree!! This course is already a success.


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Re: Greetings from Hudson, Massachusetts, US

by Jude Griffin -
Hello to at least the fourth MA person in this course!

I agree that the wonderful resource materials have already made this course worthwhile.

As to not enough snow, there's a blizzard gift-wrapped for delivery to your doorstep tomorrow night. :)