Hello from Torino, Italy

Hello from Torino, Italy

by Marco Cagna -
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Hello everyone,

I am Marco Cagna, 25 years old from Torino (Turin), Italy. I work as "Analyst and Blended Learning Platforms Designer" at Business Performance Institute.

I am passionate about everything connecting learning, technology and business. This drives me on my day-to-day job and on my personal growth and learning path.

On my job, I both act as business analyst and as designer and manager of Moodle platforms. These are aimed at supporting Blended Learning programs for the business performance improvement of our clients world-wide (i.e. companies from various industries: mainly banking, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, insurance, etc.).

Managing and giving assistance to thousands online users spread all over the world, I swim through a stunning amount of data everyday. Analysing all this data gives a great added value to people development and learning. That's why I decided to jump in this MOOC with both feet (by the way, thanks to everybody making this course possible!).

My main goals during the next weeks are:

  • to relate learning and knowledge analytics to my job and to my personal life
  • to create/join a network of people sharing common interests with me

Hope to "meet" you all soon!