Julià Minguillón from Barcelona

Julià Minguillón from Barcelona

by Julià Minguillón -
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Dear all,

I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I have a PhD in Computer Science, it was on combining small decision trees for creating complex classifiers for problems with an underlying hierarchical structure. I work at the Open University of Catalonia, a pure online university, so we have plenty of educational data waiting to be analyzed. One of my main interests is explaining the key factors that may lead learners to drop out.

I use R for playing with data, mostly, and bash+awk for manipulating files.

I'm sure I will be able to grasp very good ideas from all the discussions in this course.

Please don't hesitate to ask anything you might be interested in about me, my institution or my research.

Best regards,

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Re: Julià Minguillón from Barcelona

by Francisco Reis -
Hi Julia,

Funny you asked for I'm interested in what tools Open University of Catalonia effectively uses as LMS. I know this course is NOT about tools but as I'm a tool builder I'm naturally interested.

In fact I'm interested in finding institutions that want to develop their own tools but are still open to new ideas. For instance, what does your university use for learning analytics?

Thanks from Coimbra, Portugal,

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Re: Julià Minguillón from Barcelona

by Julià Minguillón -
Dear Francisco,

thank you for your interest!

we use a proprietary LMS but we are opening the underlying architecture, in order to use a OKI/OSID model, so we should be able to plug any OKI / OSID service, more info at:


regarding learning analytics, we use Oracle Discoverer as an OLAP tool an then, depending on the goal, we use different tools for data mining and analysis, SPSS, Clementine, R, "home made" tools, outsourcing, ...

best regards,