My introduction (Joitske Hulsebosch)

My introduction (Joitske Hulsebosch)

by Joitske Hulsebosch -
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I'm Joitske Hulsebosch, an independent consultant on learning and knowledge management in the Netherlands. I do a lot of work in online facilitation and online communities (or hybrid actually). I just happened to see this course. I jumped on it:

1. because I usually use google analytics but don't know how to analyse this systematically and think there is a lot to learn
2. I'm amazed by the loose number of tools used, so I'd like to observe how people are facilitating with all these tools. In march I'll start a course in Dutch to train 'online competent trainers and coaches'. Hope I can learn a lot from you!
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Re: My introduction (Joitske Hulsebosch)

by Nelly Spanjersberg -
Hello Joitske,

Nice to meet you in this course.
I'm reading your book "En nu online...Social media voor professionals, organisaties en facilitatoren" which you wrote with Sibrenne Wagenaar. cool
So I'm already learning from you (about learning processes in using social media and about learning interventions and facilitating learning online).

Let's enjoy the course,
Nelly Spanjersberg