Hi from Italy!

Hi from Italy!

by Sara Genone -
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Iā€™m Sara, I'm 36 y.o. and I'm Italian. I live in the North of Italy, near Milan but not in the big city :)

Since January 2003 I had been collaborating with CETIC ā€“ Research Centre for Economics and Information and Communication Technologies, a research centre of the Cattaneo University of Castellanza
As e-Learning designer and developer, my research work mainly concerns the application of information and communication technology to university teachings through the development of blended solution integrating traditional classroom activities.

As a project manager I had lead REFOCUS EU Funded project (2006-2008) and other commercial projects developed in collaboration with an Italian big food's distribution company. In this project about 1000 employed people was involved nowadays (2009 ā€“ 2010).

I'm also involved in activities of teaching, tutoring, planning and coordination of the courses in Information Technology for the Faculties of Management Engineering, Business Economics and Law of the University.

I'm happy to meet you at distance :), I hope this experience could be rich and interesting as seems...