More greetings from Belgium ;-)

More greetings from Belgium ;-)

by Erik Duval -
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I'm very interested in Learning Analytics, as I think it may help us to finally understand a bit better what works when, how and why with respect to learning...

We have done some research on what we call "Contextualized Attention Metadata" (CAM) and on visualizations of such data that help to get a sense of what is going on during learning experiences. See if you're interested in more details.

I'm not sure what to expect from this 'course', but i do look forward to learn from and with you all!
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Re: More greetings from Belgium ;-)

by Bert De Coutere -
Greetings back, Erik.
Watched your interview/video yesterday, and I like your point that analytics might help to solve people deal with the abundance of information/learning content available.

(I'm in Leuven as well, BTW).