Michael from Berlin (and Australia)

Michael from Berlin (and Australia)

by Michael Nelson -
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I'm originally from Australia, but living currently near Berlin.

I normally work as a software developer, but since working in education a few years ago, I've been toying with different tools that help people learn to learn... and obviously being able to understand your own learning patterns (successes etc.) through well-visualised analytics is a huge step in that direction.

For me to consider this course a success (with the limited time I can invest given work etc.), I will have encountered new ways of visualising learning analytics and investigated the most relevant information for learners who are working towards their own learning goals.
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Re: Michael from Berlin (and Australia)

by Robin Petterd -
Hi Michael,

Just looking at the introductions to see if there is anyone I know and I noticed your name.

Do you remember me? I came out to the Blue Mountains to meet one day when you where teaching. Every time I see Leigh I ask if he has heard from you.

Are you back doing some teaching and learning ?

I've left TAFE, started an elearning company and do a bit of information and data visualisation work.