Another one from NZ

Another one from NZ

by debra robertson-welsh -
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Kia ora
I am originally from Lancashire in the UK but have been living in New Zealand for three years now. I work at Manukau Institute of Technology and my job title is Portfolio and Academic Quality Manager.

My interest in the course is purely selfish, I am hoping to increase my effectiveness in the workplace. I completed the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning last year. I have an acute understanding of the demands of such a course and coupled with a very busy job hope that I can juggle sufficiently to free up time to study.

I will consider this course and it's interactions a success when I take strategies from the course and apply them to my day to day practice.

I am looking forward to participating in this learning journey with you.

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Re: Another one from NZ

by Tanya Elias -
The busiest people always seem to manage to find the most time! Like you, I'm hoping to take away some ideas and tools that can be applied in real-world learning and training.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the course.