Hi from Orlando, FL.

Hi from Orlando, FL.

by Camaal Moten -
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Camaal Moten (pronounced like Jamal but with a "C")

Orlando, FL.

My goals for this course:
I want to learn more about using learning analytics to build student models, how to design a learning analytics plan at a course level, and evaluate relationships between data in learning resources to improve an online curriculum.

What has to happen in order for me to consider this course a success:
I want to be able to understand the topic enough to explain it to someone else and give examples of tools that are being used today.

Education Media Design | Graphic Design | Animation | Web Development

Favorite toy as a child:
Transformers and rocks

Favorite toy now:
iPod Touch 4th Gen

If I could have any super power what would it be:
Lightning fast speed

Where I work:
Full Sail University as a Multimedia Instructional Designer

If not working, what would I be doing:
Experimenting with augmented reality apps on my iPod

Most inspiriting statement:
"You must be prepared to act on your dreams, just in case they do come true."
- Bill Strickland 
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Greetings from Durham, NC

by Linda Burns -
Welcome to the world of MOOC's. I hope you enjoy this. This is my 5th one. See you are working at Full Sail and I hope it is working out for you.

from one of your former instructors.

Linda Burns