Hi from Tanya in Kamloops

Hi from Tanya in Kamloops

by Tanya Elias -
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Hi everyone,

Apparently I'm a little slow getting going! It's great to see so many people already in here, a few names that I recognize and a lot that I don't.

I live in Kamloops, BC and am currently work as an instructional designer for Convergys Customer Management (a very data-rich environment) and am also a student and research assistant at Athabasca University.

Over the past little while I've started looking at the field of analytics in more detail.

A couple of analytics-related questions rolling around in my head right now are:
How can we measure/use data to improve learning quality?
How can we measure how much our instruction/learning improving performance/understanding?
How can gaps in performance/understanding be used to dtermine what we should (and/or might like to) learn?

Did I mention, I'm usually better at asking questions than answering them smile

Throughout this course, I'll be very happy to listen, learn and help out in any way that I can. I look forward to discussing and sharing with you all.
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Re: Hi from Tanya in Kamloops

by Angela van Barneveld -

Hi Tanya,

Asking the interesting and challenging questions is fabulous - I hope we get around to discussing these! Quality and performance are two key aspects to consider, I think.