To LAK... and beyond!

To LAK... and beyond!

by marcella marcelli -
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I'm a qualified language teacher from Ascoli Piceno who has just started her PhD in E-learning at the University of Macerata.
I'm a tech buff: I've been using technology to improve my teaching and motivate my students almost since the first PC were cheap enough to be bought by middle-class.
The results have been amazing: thanks to Web 2.0 I've been able to use a great deal of resources, not to feed content to my students but to set their imagination free and eventually make them use the 2nd language for something rewarding such ad to express their passions, their needs, their dreams or their sorrows (something not to common, considered the longevity of the grammar-functional-test oriented approach to language teaching typical in Italy sleepy) .
LAK seems to be an inevitable and promising horizon: as the quantity of data grows exponentially, we desperately need to make sense of them if we are to leverage the power they hide.
Scientists are already doing it, education cannot be left behind, can it?
Nice to be here: looking forward to the developments ahead!approve
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Re: To LAK... and beyond!

by Deleted user -
Hi Marcela

I am Abdullah from Turkey. I am also a language teacher at Afyon Kocatepe University in Turkey. I teach English as a foreign languge. Do you also teach English?

I've been to many places in Italy: Bari, Roma, Firenze, Venezia, Verona, Milano. You have a terrific country, Venezia and Roma are my favourites :)

I am currently following my masters in Distance Education at Anadolu University in Turkey as well. I am interested in Social Learning and Social Networks. I am using Facebook to supplement my f2f classes with my students and I have partners from different parts of the world; English language teachers and learners. I created a FB group so that learners and teachers can interact and learn from each other collaboratively and get to know about other cultures as well.

Here is the link for the group:

You are most welcome if you would like to take part.

Nice knowing you.



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Re: To LAK... and beyond!

by marcella marcelli -
Nice to meet you Abdullah!
Yes, I do teach English, though I'm on 3 year school leave because I've been admitted to the PhD in Elearning and Knowldege Management. Thanks for the link on Facebook: I'm gonna have a look at it asap.
all the best for now: gotta go to bed, the University is 130 Km from where I leave so I have to get up early tomorrow. Goodnight sleepy
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Re: To LAK... and beyond!

by Apostolos Koutropoulos -
It's great to see more people on here who are interested in languages and language teaching :-) It's nice to meet you both Marcella and Abdullah!

If you're interested in talking more about technology in language learning let me know - it'd be interested to start a sub-group on here (or off here!)

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Re: To LAK... and beyond!

by Vanessa Vaile -
I'm interested in languages, computer mediated learning and teaching - and also in a language learning subgroup. My current project is designing lightly moderated self-paced study groups using social media.

Background in brief: retired from college teaching (online and hybrid) but actively involved in community networking and curating open online resources for local literacy and adult education, blogging, self-paced online ESL rolling admission class or study group

MA, English, UL Lafayette (LA)
ABD, Comparative Literature, UC Davis (CA)