Hello from Salt Spring Island BC, Canada

Hello from Salt Spring Island BC, Canada

by Holly MacDonald -
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My name is Holly MacDonald,

I live on an island off the coast of BC, which is semi-rural but a hotbed of digital commuters whose clients are mainly in the urban centre (Vancouver).

I'm an independent consultant and help my clients (organizations) create learning strategies, integrate technology into their overall learning initiatives and build learning solutions, too. I've been in the organizational learning field for 15+ years.

I have wanted to participate in a MOOC and when I saw this one it really appealed. I think our industry benchmarks ($ per employee/# hours per training/% of payroll) do not measure learning, and I'd like to see better metrics.

I'm treating this course very serendipitously and don't have preconceived visions of success.

See you online.
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Re: Hello from Salt Spring Island BC, Canada

by Angela van Barneveld -

Hi Holly,

Nice to meet you. You bring up an interesting point that corporate entities tend not to measure learning. I would agree. I also think that corporations are more interested in tracking performance than in tracking learning. Indeed, the focus is more importantly on doing than on knowing. Your thoughts?

Angela van Barneveld