Michael Rees, Gold Coast, Australia

Michael Rees, Gold Coast, Australia

by Michael Rees -
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I am an associate professor at Bond University teaching web technologies. My research involves determining whether social media tools can improve learning outcomes and how to measure them. A current research project in this area is just beginning and I hope to gain more insight in how to measure and analyse learning outcomes. Making international contacts with similar interests will be hugely valuable as well.
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by Jeff Grann -

Hi Michael,

Glad to have you in this forum and I'm interested in your work to measure learning outcomes. I've been involved in this type of work as well and always look for collaborative opportunities. In my work, I've gotten some benefit from the concept of an assessment triangle, in which a model of student cognition is used as a basis for measuring outcomes (check out link below). Have you had any success in articulating such models to measure learning outcomes? Seems like these models would be a great way to foster cross-institutional collaboration.

Knowing what students know http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?isbn=0309072727