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Hello Hans,

I will be reflecting on the course publicly on the site of ambtenaar 2.0 in Dutch. Ambtenaar 2.0 -open to everyone, concerning interesting matters for civil servants. I am the "manager" of one of the groups on " Het Nieuwe Werken". I'll send you a link to my first one as soon as I have posted the blog (with #LAK of course). Also I will be reflecting in Dutch in the community of the ECLO network for Learning & Development ( ECLO newsletter and open - -and closed -community.
Maybe I will be tweeting as well on the subject. My tweetname is nellyspanjer.

I hope this will be inspiring my Dutch colleagues so we can share and change expertise on the subjects relating to LAK. Actually ECLO just finished gathering information in our first social network analysis (sna). Yesterday I just saw the first visualisations. Very exciting. I hope this course will help us in interpreting and analysing and describing the results. And planning for the future. We are working with Bart Jacobs (DNV/Cibit) on this.

And of course I will participate on the platforms #LAK

Let's enjoy our course!