Introduction: Lenandlar Singh (Len)

Introduction: Lenandlar Singh (Len)

by Lenandlar Singh -
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I am Lenandlar Singh (Len) from the University of Guyana.

Excited to be on this course. Looking forward to it.

I am very much interested in using Social Networks to supplement/augment teaching and learning in computing.

Great to meet all.

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Re: Introduction: Lenandlar Singh (Len)

by Harry Lord -
Hello Lenandlar, I teach a class in introductory chemistry for health science majors, mostly pre-nursing, and they must pass with a C or better to get into nursing school. I have found that using a LMS (Blackboard in this case), and breaking them up into groups, with active learning exercises, I can significantly increase both retention and pass rates. In addition I setup a closed Facebook group for each class, and post videos from the lab (with a Flip cam), as well as current topics and their relationship to chemistry, as well as subject matter questions. I find that this really engages them.
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Re: Introduction: Lenandlar Singh (Len)

by Lenandlar Singh -
Hi Harry

Good to hear about your experience. Last semester a colleague and i experimented with a closed FaceBook group for a course on Client Side Internet Technologies. We asked students to develop a small tutorial (5%) based on an identified area on the course syllabus. We had mixed feedback.

Even though students used facebook alot, we didn't have a great time with that tutorial. Why, i'm not sure.

We are continuing our experiment with Facebook.